Real Estate Trends

Citrus Heights Real Estate Market

Citrus Heights offers warm climates and a great residential vibe. But for many people, the decision to live there will depend on home prices and how much they will appreciate.

How Much Will I Pay for a Citrus Heights Home?

The median home price in Citrus Heights is $411,171. The average rent is $2058. Although this may be expensive as compared to other cities in the U.S., it’s a lot cheaper than many nearby areas in California.

There are about 34,079 homes and apartments in Citrus Heights. 56.3% of the population own homes, 43.7% rent and 3.5% of properties are vacant.

Here’s a breakdown on what you can expect from the homeowner’s market.

  • 9% of homes are under $67,000
  • 3% of homes are between $67,001 and $134,000
  • 3% of homes are between $134,001 and 268,000
  • 1% of homes are between $268,001 and $403,000
  • 7% of homes are between $403,001 and $537,000
  • 1% of homes are between $537,001 and $671,000
  • 7% of homes are between $671,001 and 1,007,000
  • .4% of homes are between 1,007,001 and 1,342,000
  • .6% of homes are over $1,342,000

What Types of Homes are Available?

Here’s what you can expect in terms of types of homes available in the area.

Age of Homes

  • 9% of homes are 2000 or newer
  • 6% of homes were built between 1970 and 1999
  • 8% of homes were built between 1940 and 1969
  • .7% of homes were built before 1939

Types of Homes

  • 2% of homes are single family
  • 1% of homes are townhouses
  • 7% of homes are small apartment buildings
  • 8% of homes are apartment complexes
  • 9% of homes are mobile homes
  • .2% fall into the category of ‘other’

Home Size

  • 5% of homes have no bedroom
  • 11% of homes have 1 bedroom
  • 5% of homes have 2 bedrooms
  • 1% of homes have 3 bedrooms
  • 7% of homes have 4 bedrooms
  • 1% of homes have 5 or more bedrooms

Appreciation Rates

Many people are concerned about appreciation rates. They want to know if they will be earning a good return on their investment when it ultimately comes time to sell.

Citrus Heights properties have gone up in value by 151.59% between the first quarter of 2000 and the second quarter of 2021. That makes for an annual appreciation rate of 4.38% a year.

On a scale of 1-10, appreciation rates rank at 7 as compared to the rest of California and 10 as compared to the rest of the country.

The neighborhoods with the highest appreciation rates are as follows:

  1. Lichen Dr./ Whyte Ave.
  2. Antelope Rd./ Rollingwood Blvd.
  3. Winnectica Ct./ Daly Ave.
  4. Sylvan Rd./ San Juan Ave.
  5. Roseville Rd./ Antelope Rd.
  6. Auburn Blvd./ Carriage Dr.
  7. Kenneth Ave./ Oak Ave.
  8. Cackler Ln./ Wood Duck Ln.
  9. Sunrise Blvd./ Greenback Ln.
  10. Mariposa Ave./ Greenback Ln.



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